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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Piling on Judith Miller - what a shame!

[Around 15 previous pieces here on Miller and her, and the New York Times', little local difficulty on WMD - search on the wretched woman's name. The latest main ones on June 1 (New York piece), May 30 (Okrent piece) and May 26 (Editor's Note).]

In the New York Observer, we have Joe Conason (It’s Miller Time On West 43rd Street) and Tom Scocca (June 7) taking pot-shots at the über-bitch (Kyle's Mom comes nowhere...) of respectable journalism.

I'm Millered out right now. I pause to note that I probably didn't give full value to the comments in the New York piece of Executive Editor Bill Keller in support of La Miller, whose expressions of support have moved from fulsome to fanatical.

This is the same guy who promised in the Editor's Note
aggressive reporting aimed at setting the record straight.

Too much Kool Aid may have flown down the editorial gullet for that, one fears.

MORE (June 15)

Nicholas Von Hoffman in the New York Observer June 16 (or here) agrees on fixing the responsibility where it belongs - on Times editors.

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