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Thursday, June 10, 2004

More gringo reporters under fire in Baghdad

On June 8, I mentioned a piece about a Washington Post guy who nearly bought it in Iraq.

Now, we learn today that a house containing various guys working for the Chicago Tribune came under rocket attack at the end of May.

(Love the Windy City's concept of breaking news...)

As I've pointed out before, for all the good these folks are doing, they need to be pulled out. (How many Western journos have serious regular discussions with Grand Ayatollah Sistani without the need of an interpreter? I'd hazard a ten-spot that's a big round zero.)

And while we're thinking about journalists under fire, a mention on Janeane Garofalo's show reminds me: we are, so far as I'm aware, no further towards a proper explanation of the US firing on the Palestine Hotel that killed Spanish camerman José Couso fifteen months ago (last mentioned here on October 8 2003).

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