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Friday, June 18, 2004

More Convention fun in Boston - now, the protesters

First, it was the police picketing the Convention venue [1] - then suddenly, in a single bound, Mayor Menino was free!

And now he's getting threats about protesting facilities (Globe June 17)

Cliff Notes: first, there's a long-standing City regulation that bans marches during rush-hour; the protesters (or their advisers) are saying the City sprang the ban on them.

Second, the free speech zone in which protesters will be confined
has been moved to a 29,000-square foot site that is closer to the FleetCenter to ensure that it meets court-mandated requirements that demonstrations be allowed within sight and sound of their intended audience. But the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority site remains piled with construction debris.

It's supposed to be cleared by July 1, but the protesters are worried about a slippage in the timetable.

On one or other (or both) of those grounds, legal hi-jinks may ensue. If the authorities clear the zone in time - I've no idea if political foot-dragging or mere construction industry inertia is at play here, the ACLU et al are left with their claim on the marching regulation. And a lawyer going to court to blame others for his own failure to read a published regulation affecting his client - I doubt that's an easy case to make.

But - they do say, Only in America...

  1. Last piece of several on the topic on June 12. And when I say first, I mean first here. It's been War and Peace over there...


Menino is a Democrat, of course. When, it occured to me to wonder, was the last Republican Mayor of Boston elected?

According to a handy historical list of mayors of various US cities, it was Malcolm E Nichols, who served from 1926 to 1929 (should be 1930, surely?), between the second and third terms of of James Curley.

The Political Graveyard page of Boston Mayors says Nicols was elected on November 3 1925. He ran unsuccessfully for Mayor in 1933, 1937 and 1941. (Curley was no slouch at electoral failure himself - but, for another time...)

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