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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Moore as Dem white hope: Do you think that's wise?

Right now, the Dems are a rabble in sore need of a rouser. Whatever qualities primary voters saw in John Kerry, demagoguery was not one of them.

So the timing was great for the White Walrus of Hate and his much-hyped flick: whilst Kerry keeps his attention on November 2, his impatient supporters are diverted by Phineas T Moore's festival of hoopla.

Not having seen the movie, I'm unable to offer a crit; but his past offerings do seem to have yield little to Bush and Co in playing fast and loose with the facts. (The most cursory search produces a Spinsanity piece of April 3 2002 on Stupid White Men; there is also a site - no doubt deeply parti pris - - which may make good its claim.)

Now, of course, it may be that the Dems who are bigging up Moore have proof that he has turned over a new leaf, and excluded from Fahrenheit 9/11 all statements of dubious authenticity, and eschewed the myriad ways in which the moving picture can lie without words.

Risky business, though.

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