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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Michael Moore and a possible Kerry Secretary of State

Our friends at the Note are branching out: in the opening section (for which there is bound to be special term) of today's piece we get showbiz news!

And no suggestion of mooching off other journos' sweat and toil [1]: looks like some Googling Monkeys turned up in person to this gig.

The cross-heading glistens with tinsel [2]:
Cinema Verite: Michael Moore Takes Manhattan:

Appropriately to the art form and the begetter of the night's entertainment, the piece hams it up. But it has worrying intelligence:
The evening was so chock full of bold-faced names, that we will simply list a few random attendees for flavor:

[yadda, yadda, yadda] the whole Holbrooke family...

This would be noted diplomatic practictioner and serious Secretary of State candidate [3] Richard Holbrooke, one assumes.

What is going on here? Has Kerry told him he [Holbrooke] needs to loosen up and party with the radicals to cement his place on the short-list?

Strangely, on the Poor Man's Nexis provides only one item for "richard holbrooke" "michael moore" - and no link between the two of them to be seen.

I strongly suspect there's nothing to read into it. It wasn't exactly a Holbrooke-Moore tête-à-tête after all...

  1. Not that there's anything wrong in that. Ed

  2. Pedant's Corner: the correct rendering in English is, I think, cinéma vérité. Employee was once employé, as reference to Fowlers' King's English and Modern English Usage will attest; but cinéma vérité is frozen, first as being a phrase and second, because a domesticating -ee will not do - any more than in café.

  3. Who has cropped up in several of my recent pieces on what might turn out to be Kerry's foreign policy (June 15, June 11, most recently).

MORE (June 16)

A deluge of cold water on predictions of the electoral effect of Moore's effort from Anne Kornblut of the Boston Globe:
Even Moore conceded having doubts about his powers of persuasion, saying, ''It's just a movie."

Even Kornblut concedes it energised the base - those present at the Ziegfeld at least. And, apparently, no one from the Bush campaign has seen the flick: evidently relying on freelancers to pick the howlers. You mean, it's a Moore production and there are no howlers...

Stephanie Cutter says no one at the Kerry campaign has seen it either.

What about Brer Holbrooke? Though the Economist ranks him as a Kerry adviser, he's not part of the Kerry campaign yet. Evidently.

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