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Friday, June 04, 2004

'Media should take a view' and 'stretchers get a journo ahead'

A couple of short pieces today in National Journal worthy of note.

Vaughn Ververs (One More Time) makes a plea for media to make themselves useful and, rather than give us the usual he said, she said, tell us what they think.

And William Powers (It Pays To Be Wrong) points up the career advantages for journo to straighten the curves on stories, goose them up, get on A1, please their editors and work their way up the food chain. Judith Miller is namechecked.

Worthy of note? Not that these are startling revelations - far from it: it's the fact that they are, frankly, old hat, becoming part of the mainstream that gives one a scintilla of hope.

Not to get carried away, of course...

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