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Thursday, June 17, 2004

A Lincoln in the White House again?

I have no burning (or any) interest in the monumentally tedious Veepstakes (Dem primary season rerun, without the CGI and ├╝ber-bitching Diane Sawyer).

However - Kos, at the end of a piece retailing a Dean VP rumour (wouldn't Judy be pleased), mentions as an also-ran in the rumour stakes, Senator from Arkansas Blanche Lincoln.

(Could a Southern belle with a degree from Randolph-Macon College possibly be related to the patron of the blog?)

On one board, listing various Veeps, it says, for Lincoln:
Pro: Combines best elements of Blanche DuBois and Abraham Lincoln

Con: No Democrat from Arkansas has ever won national election.

Love that Southron sense of humour!

The unspoken factor, of course, as with the newly hatched Representative from South Dakota (Stephanie Herseth), is that she is female and attractive (Lincoln was born in 1960, but, from the snaps I've seen, a fair bit more than merely well-preserved.)

But just imagine how far Hillary's nose would be put out of joint! (Could that be what's driving Blanche's druther-candidacy?)

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