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Friday, June 25, 2004

Federal report on corrupt California prisons

Back on January 17, I looked for the first time at the cesspool which is the California prison system, prompted by the draft report of Special Master John Hagar into affairs at Pelican Bay.

Now, Hagar has issued his final report (PDF). Disappointingly, though, he suggests [2] that criminal contempt charges be considered against two former officials of the California Department of Corrections, Edward Alameida and Thomas Moore, no prosecutions or criminal investigations are proposed in relation to the font of the corruption, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association.

While any intrusion of the law into the CCPOA's empire is to be welcomed, I strongly suspect that only when senior officials in the union start joining the victims of its members' abuse behind bars will substantial improvement be possible.

The body of the report - which I've yet to get round to! - may or may not offer comfort on that matter.

  1. Recommendations section of the Report starts on page 123a.

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