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Thursday, June 24, 2004

The fabulous Baker family

By way of a kinda-sorta Reagan memorial, just idly flipping through a tome [1] on the personnel of political Washington in 1982, and come across the name of Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker. It gives some information on his family achievements in office-holding - but the full picture (some of which is much more recent!) is rather amazing: both Baker's father and step-mother (who survived Baker, Sr for 30 years, to 1994) were in the US House (she elected to fill his place, and not seeking re-election); Baker's first wife was Joy Dirksen, daughter of Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen; after he was widowed, he married Nancy Landon Kassebaum, only the third woman to serve two full terms in the Senate [2] and daughter of Alf Landon, patron (via the Literary Digest) of George Gallup, who - most shocking revelation of all to your woefully ill-informed blogger! - died only in 1987 at the age of 100 and a month.

A good deal of suggestive material there (as it were): various permutations of married (or formerly married) legislators (or former legislators), that sort of thing. The Political Graveyard site has all sorts of categories; but pols married to other pols doesn't seem to be one of them (unless, as with the Bakers, there are at least three pols related to one another). Not a subject for active research, I think - worth keeping on the back-burner, though.

These days, Baker is US Ambassador to the Empire of Japan.

  1. Who Runs Washington? by Michael Kilian and Arnold Sawislak.

  2. Or so my piece of November 29 2002 supposed - Hattie Caraway and Margaret Chase Smith being the others.


The book (p32) mentions that Baker's daughter Cynthia was keen to follow in the family business. No sign that she's managed it, though.

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