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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Even Foreign Affairs can be nobbled, apparently

Jack Shafer (June 16) mentions the strange tale (related by Scott Sherman in the Nation on June 3) of Henry Kissinger, his sidekick William Rogers and a review by Council of Foreign Relations
chief Latin America expert, Kenneth Maxwell
in Foreign Affairs of a book about the downfall of Salvador Allende.

Maxwell, it seems, made reference to USG's part in the affair, which caused Dr K's surrogate to throw his toys out of the pram. Upshot: Maxwell is with the CFR no longer.

And, the New York Times reports (June 15) that Jeremy Adelman from Princeton, who had agreed to take over the Latin American reviews for the mag, has pulled out, having had second thoughts.

Now, feuding and backstabbing in the academic world is scarcely the preserve of former Cabinet officers; peer review is as good as the competence and integrity of the peers doing the reviewing [1]. Luxurious form and a well-qualified editorial board is no guarantee of a journal's quality or reliability.

Even so...

  1. Two men may both be millionaires: but if one has a million sterling, and the other a million Turkish liras...

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