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Thursday, June 17, 2004

A drutherful US foreign policy article

Indulging my druthers - and on that ground, despite its merits, much to be distrusted - is a piece (reprinted from the FT of June 1) by Michael Lind of the New America Foundation [1].

According to Lind, Bush's abortion of a policy has put the kibosh on the alternative of muscular global do-goodery which I fear a number of those linked with John Kerry have in mind [2].

Somehow, I suspect that the do-gooders will find a way to bomb some bunch or other of poor bastards into Truth, Democracy and the America Way. Their friends in the military-industrial complex always have new toys to test out, of course...

  1. Apparently, non-partisan, chaired by James Fallows, and not some PNAC outfit looking to make New Americas all over the place.

  2. Potential members of the Kerry Administration foreign policy team - some with chequered pasts - discussed several times here, last on June 15.

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