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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Creationism in America

Once or twice, I've sought to put into perspective some gee whiz poll finding about the views of the American people by referring to the large proportion that say they believe that life came to the Earth the way the Bible tells it, and not the gospel according to Darwin and the scientists [1].

Now, I [2] find fresh evidence on the point: an ABC News poll taken in February 2004 has 61% of respondents agreeing that
The creation story in which the world was created in six days.
is literally true.

(And 60% say the Noah/ark story is literally true, too.)

The Crooked Timber piece has much useful analysis of polling on this topic.

The watchword, as ever, from George's brother, Ira: It ain't necessarily so.

  1. As on December 12 2003. (In that case, it was German public opinion, but...)

  2. In a limited sense: Crooked Timber sends me to Volokh which flags me through to

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