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Friday, June 04, 2004

Bush kept off the Illinois ballot? Say it ain't so...

Monkeying around with Conventions gets you into trouble.

First, there was Kerry's proposal not to accept the nomination at the Democratic Convention - the seriousness of which one has to doubt in hindsight.

And now, the GOP smartasses who decided on a late, late convention find they've shot themselves in the foot.

The Chicago Sun-Times today explains:
Major party presidential candidates have until Aug. 30 to be certified by the state elections board, three days before Bush is expected to be nominated at the Republican National Convention in New York City.

Eight other states with similar laws have changed them: some twat in Illinois failed to grip the problem - and now the Dems are having fun [1]. They are adding all sorts of riders to the necessary bill - which needs a three-fifths majority.

What to do? The piece quotes
Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford), treasurer of the state Republican Party
as saying that
We could just go to federal court - it should be a no-brainer -- and put him on.

No-brainer would not, you'd have thought, been a phrase Illinois Republicans would be keen on using right now!

According to this, the Senate has already passed the Bush ballot bill - my guess is, this is just a bit of fun [2].

However - would the Federal courts be able to step in, should the need arise? After all - as we've learnt from Ralph Nader's odyssey to get his name on ballot-papers - the conditions for eligibility are set at the state level.

Dunno: if the Dems dig in their heels, research will become necessary.

  1. The Legislature splits in favour of the Democrats 66:52 in the House and 32:26 (1 Independent) in the Senate.

  2. A phrase indelibly associated with BBC TV presenter and election show stalwart Peter Snow, often used in presenting absurd extrapolations from a handful of results in order to justify the expense of graphical gizmos.

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