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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Brownstein and his time-zone edge

Just reading a complimentary crit in Campaign Desk of the LA Times' Ron Brownstein's latest piece.

My impression - from reading the likes of The Note - is that Brownstein is one of those (few?) political journos whose work other journos are comfortable praising.

I gather [1] that, career-wise, the LA Times is viewed as a cut below the New York Times and Washington Post - offered the same role in one of those papers, a LAT guy would usually be packing his bags.

But no taint of inferiority seems to attach to Brownstein.

Which makes me wonder whether time-zones might be an ingredient in his success: does the favourable three hour difference impact on the product? Whilst his east coast colleagues are scrabbling to meet deadlines after some speech or briefing, he can relax, have another coffee, make a few phone calls to check out the conventional wisdom of the press pack, perhaps even wear out a little shoe leather.

It's a theory...

  1. Source not remembered - possibly from looking into the LA Times-Staples Center fiasco (May 15).

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