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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Boston police picket lifted: how did that happen?

If you take a gander at the pieces linked in The Note yesterday, you will find a gloomy prospect of indefinite industrial strife and not much progress on preparing for the Convention.

However, by the time of this Bloomberg piece, datelined June 11 1613 EDT, a reversal of fortune had occurred. The formerly truculent Thomas Nee of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association has called off his attack-dogs, and the conversion of the FleetCenter will continue unhindered.

That means that the nub of the story - the challenge to Kerry to see that his coronation proceeded according to plan - has fallen away, as has my interest in what is now back to being a Boston story.

But the Globe and Herald should be explaining tomorrow exactly what happened over no more than 24 hours for the hapless Mayor Thomas Menino to snatch Victory from the jaws of Defeat.

(They might start by asking whether any money or money's worth has changed hands - or any agreement made to do so - which has any connection with the end of picketing at the FleetCenter.)

Strangely, success with the BPPA has coincided with agreement on another long outstanding contract, with the Service Employees International Union.

According to a Globe story yesterday,
As Menino aides worked furiously to settle a contract with the local affiliate of Service Employees International Union, SEIU leaders on the picket line were keeping members of the police union updated on their talks.

Solidarity forever - nice.

Odd - the same piece goes on at length about a Unity Coalition of City labour leaders formed last August
to pool their financial resources and stick together in their negotiations with Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

Clearly, that was then, this is now.

If - whatever is that happened - concerns only Bostonians, then my interest remains dampened. If outside forces have been concerned in securing this happy outcome for Menino - and a whole lot of others - I'd rather like to know which.


A quote of Nee following the de-picketing of the FleetCenter:
I don't need no stinkin' marshals in my town.

Central Casting couldn't have done better. In fact, it's just a little too good...

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