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Monday, June 07, 2004

Bill Keller flakes a little more

Interviewed by the LA Times' David Shaw on Sunday beneath the hed He sees the silver lining around N.Y.'s Gray Lady, Keller exudes the feeling of strenuous jollity notable in the Depression musicals of Busby Berkeley.

(Shaw comes over as gizza job prehensible-tongued - for instance, this gem:
he also has the luxury of working for the Sulzberger family, with its 150-year commitment to editorial excellence and independence.
Uh oh...)

From Keller:
it's a lot more fun to go to a meeting, for example, when you get to decide who else attends and what the agenda is.

Really? A line that might have worked with a Golddigger of 1933, with a couple of jiggers of gin inside her.

And - well, I commented on the gushing style of Alexandra Polier's piece for New York magazine. But Shaw can gush with the best of them:
He pauses, seemingly aware that what he's said might sound as, well, as imperious as Raines, who was widely seen as an arrogant tyrant in the newsroom.

I don't know about gin: but it seems that Keller freighted over a few cases of Kool Aid to get them warmed up.

It gets worse:
Keller is neither arrogant nor tyrannical. He is confident and he is strongwilled, though, and I've always found him to be refreshingly candid in a low-key manner.

Shaw is clearly looking for a corner office at W 43rd Street!

In an evident attempt at balance, he ends:
The Times violated almost all those "basic journalistic responsibilities" in much of its WMD coverage. If it does so again, you can bet that Keller's job will stop being fun.

Wow! A kicker with the kick of a mule.

Muffin the Mule, that is...

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