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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Another potential Veep-ette for Kerry?

Speculation about credible candidates one can find all over...

After Blanche Lincoln (earlier today), we have Kathleen Sebelius [1], Governor of Kansas - at least, we get the name from Ron Fournier today, as someone who was in Washington, but who said she wasn't meeting Kerry. (See graf 1 above.)

That's about as far as my interest goes: Sebelius was born in 1949 [2], and, to judge from the pics (as this), she is pleasantly well-preserved [3]. She has no political experience outside Kansas - which Bush won in 2000 58:37 over Gore: so her home state affiliation is of no use to Kerry, either!

The highways and byways of politics often pleasanter and more interesting than the interstates. Take Gephardt, for instance. Someone, please...

  1. Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius, that is: daughter of John Gilligan, former Governor of Ohio, daughter-in-law of Keith Sebelius, former Congressman for the Kansas 1st District.

  2. She does not say so in her official bio: why in heaven's name not?

  3. My ever-unreliable bodar alerts me to the lack of frown-lines, and the possibility of chemical intervention - points lost there, if so. But she's allowed herself to go publicly grey (or white), which wins her back her lost points.

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