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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Another journo artefact: the prize-winning series

The Sac Bee ombud Tony Marcano quotes
Miami Herald humor writer Dave Barry
with some useful inside dope:
Sometimes we'll do a whole series with more total words than the Brothers Karamazov and headlines like: 'The World Mulch Crisis: A Time To Act.' You readers don't bother to wade through these stories, and you feel vaguely guilty about this. Which is stupid. You're not supposed to read them. We journalists don't read them. We use modern computers to generate them solely for the purpose of entering them for journalism prizes. We're thinking about putting the following helpful advisory over them: 'Caution! Journalism Prize Entry! Do Not Read!'

Marcano is bemoaning one or two Bee series without visible reasons why readers should want to read them.

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