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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another gringo reporter nearly killed in Iraq

Yesterday, I suggested that, on the whole, Western journalists in Iraq were risking their lives for no good reason.

In WaPo today, one of the Post's guys in Iraq, Daniel Williams, describes at length how he risks his life for no good reason - none that is apparent, at least.

It's a great story - stories where someone from your side narrowly escapes death by dint of initiative and quick thinking are usually great [1].

But - what if Williams had bought it? Widow, children, parents? - I suspect there'd be bereaved. And for what?

By the good grace of the WaPo search engine, we can pull up Williams' bylined pieces for the last two weeks [2] and judge just how essential it was that a gringo was on the spot to do the reporting.

Of course, if you, the Post editors, thought that all Arabs are lying douchebags like Chalabi, naturally, you'd want to send a white man. But, isn't the Post a haven of diversity? How else to explain the continuing columns of William Raspberry...

  1. His ass is saved from getting shot up mostly by his Arab driver. No doubt, WaPo's gratitude was expressed in the form of muchos dolares; but (not, frankly, that I care - but), if the driver had bought it, his list of bereaved would likely have been even longer.

  2. May 26 Key Najaf Shrine Damaged in Fighting

    May 27 Troops Seize Top Sadr Aide, Hunt Another

    May 28 U.S. Halts Attacks On Sadr's Militiamen

    May 29 U.S. Calls Sadr Cease-Fire Intact Despite Clashes

    June 2 Iraq Moves Ahead, But Attacks Persist

    June 3 Fighting in Kufa Signals End of Truce

    June 3 Dying Devotion to Young Cleric Springs From Poverty, Patriotism

    June 7 Despite Agreement, Insurgents Rule Fallujah


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