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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Annenberg polls the persuadables

There is plenty to complain about with the coverage of the campaign. But let us salute the guys at the Annenberg Public Policy Center for a modest innovation in their latest survey (PDF).

The idea is to cut down the population by eliminating two tranches:
  1. those outside battleground states; and

  2. those not up for being persuaded by either candidate.

Now, the very concept of the battleground state is a controversial one: each election produces a different roster, for a start. However...

As gleefully pointed out over at Kos, the battleground persuadables seem more disenchanted with Bush than battleground voters or voters nationwide.

But - 38% are neutral on Kerry. Something for BC04 to go for.

Is this in fact the first time a survey like this has been attempted? I suspect lurking artefacts - but lack of actual knowledge gets in the way of taking the point any further.

(Lead man at Annenberg is Adam Clymer, formerly of the New York Times, who got his fifteen minutes when, in 2000, Bush, failing to twig that his mike was open, referred to him as a major league asshole.)


Readers of a certain age will recall a British TV series called The Persuaders - starring Tony Curtis and Roger Moore. Utterly irrelevant trivia...

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