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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Al Gore trivia corner

Unless something quite unexpected happens, Gore will be the third person to serve two full terms as US Vice President and not get a term as President - according to this list, at least.

The first was Thomas R Marshall. Marshall's only other spell in elected office was as Governor of Indiana, 1909-13 - he was just under 60 when he became Veep.

The second was John Nance Garner, Cactus Jack, who 'supported' Franklin Roosevelt's first two terms - instrumental in losing him his court-packing bill, and solidifying the conservative majority in the US Senate - providing FDR with his alibi for inaction. If Roosevelt had retired after the conventional limit of two terms, and Garner had followed him, he'd have been 72 at his inauguration.

Al Gore is 56.

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