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Thursday, May 06, 2004

The wrap on Chalabi

Just it case it should prove necessary to revisit the sorry saga, Salon has a 6,000 word piece by Financial Times man John Dizard on Ahmed Chalabi, the crook worthy of a 1002nd Night.

The story arc is a straight lift from a cheesy Cold War caper flick: our neocon friends, full of American know-how, pockets bulging with the Yankee dollar, get gypped by the oily wog who sells out to the other side. Iran, in Chalabi's case.

Is this 20-20 hindsight? Even this humble blog seems to have got the measure of AC early: on November 3 2002, I ventured, in commenting on a piece
Hoagland doesn't quite compare Chalabi to Winston Churchill. Perhaps because he isn't (in LBJ's immortal words) the only son-of-a-bitch we got! Let's indeed hope so.

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