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Monday, May 31, 2004

Why misspellings persist in Big Media

Though it may not always be apparent, I fairly religiously run my stuff through Bill Gates' spellchecker before slapping it on the blog.

My understanding is that many Big Media outlets have foresworn the use of the gizmo. Howie Kurtz shows why:
Mort Kondracke's column in last week's Washington Times had some rather unorthodox names: Defense Secretary Donald Ruffed. Democratic candidate John Gerry. The Bookings Institutionalize. The Viet Congo. Deposed Iraqi dictator Adam Hussies and the country's national security adviser, Moonwalk al-Rubies.

The version noted by Kurtz no longer seems to be on the Times site. This is, I surmise, the article pre-spellcheck.

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