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Monday, May 24, 2004

Washington Post photos and video from Abu Ghraib

I had a piece on May 11, raising an eyebrow that the Post should have a thousand photos and only publish ten.

Subsequently - URL now lost - I read that a lot of these thousand pics were regular holiday snaps, images of intra-coalition fornication and other minimally probative items.

Last week, the Post acknowledged receipt of a further batch of photos, plus some other evidence. This - to the extent the paper has decided to make it public - is linked to from a web chat by Executive Editor Leonard Downie last Friday (May 21).

why can't you make [the photos] available on a separate site or link? This is something we are discussing, and I don't know what we will decide.
Downie says the proposal is under discussion.

And asked whether, on USG's part, this was
part of a decision "to get it all out now."
he says
I can say that our reporting is not part of a government strategy of any kind.

No indication that he was touching wood or crossing fingers as he typed this!

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