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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The US Army Manual on interrogation

There is a section of the manual entitled Intelligence Interrogation, FM 34-54, available here. (It took a little winkling, hence the note for the file.)

FM 34-54 gets namechecked in Big Media - but the suckers whistle for a link.

For instance, the New York Times had a piece (May 7) from Don Van Natta [1].

He quotes former Army interrogator Mike Ritz as saying
It's a fairly obsolete manual.

Nevertheless, he says,
The still used as a reference guide by the Army's intelligence school at Fort Huachucha, Ariz.

Honoured in the breach - like at least one Abu Ghraib detainee, as I recall...

As by
the use of strobe lights and loud music, shackling prisoners in awkward positions for long hours and manipulating the levels of pain medication

  1. Apparently, an investigative reporter in Washington. Freelance, I think.

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