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Monday, May 31, 2004

Uncle Sam's Mideast Viceroy in trouble?

I don't normally opine on doings in Israel - Language Rule [1] oblige - but our friends in the media (believe them or not) are riffing on Bad Times for Sharon, with Benjamin Netanyahu, though within the tent, pissing all over his prime minister (here and here).

I have not the slightest feel for what the real story is here: whether it's a floor-show for the benefit of Uncle Sam or sections of Likud, or whether it's the Real Deal - to coin a phrase! - I know not.

But, set against the forceful vision of the PNAC Middle East Empire, with democracy for all (who go along with Uncle Sam), of which the Iraq Cakewalk was merely the taster, the scene has amusement value. Far from controlling an entire region, the Fat Man proves unable even to control his own party.

And how pathetic is that?

Are John Kerry's liberal imperialist friends taking notes?

  1. Avoid commenting on the affairs of any country whose language you can't read.

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