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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Third Man script online

I've mentioned The Third Man before - back in March 2003 - as
probably the greatest movie ever on America's view of itself (and others' views of America), vitriolically anti-American (and anti-Everyone Else!) (and one of the laugh-out-loud funniest pics you'll ever see)

Probably is a bit strong, probably - but I stand by the rest: given how bad British movies were during the 1930s - one has Alexander Korda's Henry VIII, The 39 Steps and one's pretty soon scraping the barrel - followed by the privations of war and post-war, the fact that the industry could make one of the best of all British films is something of a miracle.

The script comes without provenance - unspecified, undated draft - which no doubt ruins things for genuine film buffs; but it is - or reads like, a script, rather than a transcript, and looks to be pretty close to the final cut.

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