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Monday, May 03, 2004

Sometimes, they come tied with a bow...

It's Smut Monday.

Earlier today, I mentioned Clear Channel's pushing the envelope on the billboard advertising it carries on its sites, including an ad for The Schnitt Show, broadcast on its own WIOD-AM.

It seems that one of those caught up in the post-Jackson frenzy is Mary J Blige, who was interviewed on 60 Minutes by Ed Bradley, and said shit at one stage under her breath, but caught by the tape, and not edited out.

A complaint in relation to the Blige aside was, it seems, subsequently filed with the FCC. And on behalf of whom?

Why, none other than the afore-mentioned Schnitt Show!

(I note that the show's site has a title bar reading
The Schnitt Show - The Web is Full of Schnitt
You can see where the moral outrage is coming from...)


There's a Reason piece (April 22) and one from LA CityBeat.

The complaint alleges that leaving the shit in is Viacom saying Bring it on! to the FCC, challenging them to go after the august 60 Minutes for smut.

The recent fighting talk from Mel Karmazin (April 28) lends a little credence to the suggestion.

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