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Monday, May 24, 2004

So that's who Bill Moyers is...

In a piece on May 18, I was talking, not for the first time, about the misuse of history to justify or condemn current practice - in this case, in journalism. And discussed comments in a speech that Bill Moyers gave which seemed tainted with Golden Agism.

It did not occur to me to check Moyers' bio. It turns out, that, for more than one potential Golden Age, he would have been in them!

In particular, having half an eye on the Vietnam War connection, he was
special assistant to...President Johnson (1963-1965) before serving as presidential press secretary from 1965-1967.

He's retiring from PBS and plugging a book right now: I'm saving a Texas Monthly interview for later.

Moyers crops up once in Hallin's Uncensored War (scroll down) - on p170: in response to Walter Cronkite's famous February 27 1968 post-Tet report, Moyers reports Johnson as saying that
Cronkite was it

(He also doesn't figure much, I see, in the first volume (Taking Charge) of Michael Beschloss's series on the Johnson tapes.)

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