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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Powell's press nanny falls foul of WaPo anonymice

Yesterday, we looked at the story of Emily Miller and her attempt to halt Colin Powell's interview with Tim Russert, and found the business without satisfactory explanation.

Wonkette draws my attention to the WaPo gossip column today, which has a pic of Miller- Emily J Miller, no less - and dumps a whole load of manure on her head.

For a start, the photo caption starts:
Getting those trains to run on time

Yes, to judge from WaPo's tone, Miller treats the media just like Good Ol' George (emphasis mine for a plaintive entry in the annals of the WaPo anonymouse squeak) :
In just six months on the job, Miller, 33, who controls access to Powell, seems to have made more enemies than usual among the reporters who cover the State Department. "Her manner is brusque, abrasive, demeaning," said one, asking to remain anonymous so as not to be frozen out of interviews with Powell. "She's not doing the secretary a service; she's doing him a disservice."

Apparently, she was Tom DeLay's press minder, and her style suited him fine...

Will we get a response from Miller? An interview in the WaPo Style section, perhaps, with a suitably humanising photo: Ana Marie Cox, of Wonkette, had an excellent one with her NYT interview - that I thought I'd noted, but evidently haven't. (Too late now.) On her (?) stoop, in jeans, fondling a sensibly shaped dog.

For Miller, perhaps not: what with the bitch jokes...


Miller, by the way, isn't bad-looking, to judge from her photo: touch of Kate Winslet about the face, perhaps. The purple (or is it mauve?) roll-neck sweater I leave to others to deconstruct.

And, on the reason for Miller's intervention during the Powell/Russert interview, the WaPo piece has Richard Boucher's assurance that it was purely a question of timing. Russert had run over his slot.

That's enough Miller. Ed

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