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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Pat Tillman's funeral latest victim of tit-mania

Never has the been a more explosive niche market for incontinence pads than amongst America's broadcasters since a certain unattractive lump of flaccid flesh made its appearance four months ago.

These guys would rather play a loop of Pat Boone's Greatest Hits, or hand over their first-born for charcuterie without anesthetic, than run any risk of losing their licences.

So pulling the plug on Pat Tillman's funeral doubtless caused few sleepless nights.

The roll of shame includes, it seems, John Misner, president and general manager for KPNX, Steve Hammel, vice president and general manager KPHO, and Skip Cass, president and general manager for KTVK.

US forces fighting to preserve freedom? As far as Misner, Hammel and Cass are concerned - frankly, they needn't bother.


'Sonny Boy' Powell has spoken (Reuters May 4) on the issue:
We respond to complaints. This isn't some discretionary activity being administered by the agency because it feels like it. It's a response to the American public.

Sounds to me like a case for a Schnitt. Tony Schnitt, that is, Florida's finest (May 3), protector of the purity of Southern Womanhood against broadcast effluvia.

The funeral was apparently run on at least one News Corp broadcast TV station (plus some Fox cable).

To which one has to say: Go, Sonny Boy! Sue Murdoch's ass off: let's see the New York Post come out for Kerry... Yeeeaaaaaargh!


Another question arises: why do the newspaper pieces on the funeral that I've seen mostly omit any reference to the swearing? No FCC excuse there.

Something to return to.

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