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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Old news for new readers: LA Times and the Staples Center

On May 12, I looked at a speech in which LA Times editor John S Carroll preached the counterfactual (in more ways than one) doctrine of objective journalism.

One of the absurder elements of this fantastic creed is that media operations are independent of outside interests. In the piece, I cited the Catholic Church as one influence supposedly powerful amongst the sachems of the Times.

A commenter in the Majority Report blog, of all places, gave a searchable that led to another little example of outside influence on Times.

The affair of the Staples Center was a whole big thing back in 1999. I've just pulled out a couple of things on it; but the nub seems to be that the Times' owner, the Times Mirror Company (since bought by the Tribune Company), did a deal with the Center whereby the Times sponsored the Center, and paid for the sponsorship, in part, by giving the Center free advertising.

This was generally not accounted a terribly good idea.

Any further swinging of the Censer of Sanctimony from the quarter of the Times may impel me to look at the Staples Center farrago [1]. Here's hoping for silence radio...

  1. An URL dump: look here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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