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Thursday, May 27, 2004

NYT-Miller: why now?

There's a good deal been written about the Times' Editor's Note (scroll down), to some of which I'll get to by and by.

One puzzling feature in relation to the meta: why does the Note appear now?

The second shoe we're waiting for is Daniel Okrent's piece in the Times this coming Sunday. Okrent, as regular readers will be aware, has previously grandfathered all things done before his arrival as ombud - including, most notably, the paper's treatment of Iraqi WMD intelligence.

Which meshed nicely with the paper's management's decision to defend its WMD coverage, and refuse any sort of inquiry into it.

Was it Okrent who decided to break with a line that seemed to be holding without notable difficulty? Or the NYT management's?

Has Okrent got hold of a smoking gun? Is that anything that the Note addressed?

We've not long to wait, of course. After Okrent decided not to make a Federal case of the Peter Landesman sex slaves piece, much discussed here, I suggested he was conserving his ammunition for a worthier target.

The Times' enthusiastic promotion of false war propaganda would certainly rank as worthier: is Okrent going to blow his stash on the subject?

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