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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

News framing - personal testimony

It was Prime Minister's Question Time in the House of Commons today - a tired ritual whose over-estimation Stateside is deserving of some kind of study - and Tony Blair was pressed by Tory leader Michael Howard on the ICRC report on Iraq detention abuses. Surprise, surprise.

I go to Google News and see a couple of heads on straight reporting of the session: from Reuters,
Blair hits back over Iraqi abuse allegations
and from the Financial Times,
Blair on defensive over Iraq allegations

And there was no doubt of it: I experienced a genuine lift of the spirits at the defensive head, a slight but perceptible dropping of the head at fights back.

Some personal testimony to the copy-editor's art, and the power of the crudest form of news manipulation on the savviest of commentators (to the New York Daily News's Michael Goodwin: that is what is technically known as a joke. His Air America crit explains.)

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