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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Misleading campaign ads - again

The good people at Campaign Desk keep plugging away, this latest sparked by a NYT piece by Jim Rutenberg on the subject.

Rutenberg mentioned an Annenberg poll (PDF) from May 12 that confirms the effectiveness of the distortions: our old friend, John Kerry's 350 votes for higher taxes, even persuaded 50% of Dems in battleground states!

CD rightly says that
The only way to stop the campaigns from continuing to grossly distort the truth is for the entire press corps -- not just the Times and the Washington Post, but USA Today, the Associated Press, and the TV networks, which are the source of news for many more voters -- to point out these distortions, immediately and unequivocatingly, using their own reportorial (as opposed to editorial) voice..

It's said much the same before, and with no discernable effect. Objective journalism rules.

I can't even see that the objectivists have actually been forced into the field to defend their putrid position in vigorous debate, by CD or anyone else. That would be a start...

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