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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Michael Moore: by any chance, are we being spun?

Well, duh!

Perhaps journos should use smileys, just to tip off the plebs.

For instance, in the New York Times today, it says that
[Disney e]xecutives said it was made clear to Miramax last May, when it became the principal investor in the film, that Disney would not let it be the distributor.

Yet, according to the Big Fat Liar himself, Miramax
was listed as producer and distributor in his contract.

Now, I know nothing about the movie business; but a controversial guy like Moore doing business (indirectly) with Mousewitz would surely have anticipated the need to get a little detail like Will my distributor distribute? nailed down.

Unless he was looking to ape Mel Gibson's Passion. Or it was all a set-up with Weinstein.

For the Oscar for Crassest PR Stunt, he's surely rivalling Jackson: two tits together...

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