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Friday, May 28, 2004

Liberal media and the Pew study

That great shouting-match topic for bloviators right and left finally gets decided on the facts.

Well, let's not go overboard: but the poll from Pew dated May 23 2004 under the heading Bottom-Line Pressures Now Hurting Coverage, Say Journalists offers striking evidence.

This survey of US journalists about their profession appears to demonstrate that, judged by self-evalutation, journalists as a bunch are markedly more liberal than the population at large: on p26, it says that while only 20% of the public call themselves liberal, 34% of national press journalists do; and, though 33% of the public call themselves conservative, only 7% of national press journalists do.

If those numbers can be believed - beware artefacts! - Rush and Co were right all along, it seems.

The survey tests these headline figures with questions on various topics: for instance, on p27, it says that, whilst 42% of the public thought that homosexuality should be discourage by society, only 5% of national press journalists agreed. (Hence the widespread whooping and hollering over the Mass marriage mayhem - and the silent scream from Camp Kerry (!) for their friends in the media to shut the fuck up about the wretched topic.)

Naturally, you ask: if hackdom is so clearly skewed left, why in Sam Hill have they been feather-bedding Bush for most of his term to date? Pew asks (p16) whether Bush has had it too easy - all but local TV journos say, yes - but why would obviously have been technically too tricky a question to get any worthwhile response.

There's plenty else in the poll - well worth a gander.

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