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Monday, May 10, 2004

Kerry's Sister Souljah moment with the teachers?

A proposal (WaPo May 7) to reform the structure of the teaching profession to improve its performance might be expected to serve two purposes: it helps align Kerry as a centrist, tending to negative the Massachusetts liberal tag; and gives a deliberate kick to a key backer - the misleadingly named teachers' union, the National Education Association - thus scoring a point in the independence from special interests column.

But the NEA are sounding positive on Kerry's plan, dammit! Killing it with kindness?

I have no idea whether the plan is pure bloviation or has any substantive merit. But, with the slim chance of the campaign spending a little time on policy, rather than gotchas, the topic got my attention for a moment.

(The CSM had a piece on April 7 on the woes of the No Child Left Behind Act.

And a Florida op-ed despairs of schemes of Federal interference in education generally.)

I'm tapped...

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