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Monday, May 24, 2004

Kerry's foreign policy - again

Not that there is one yet, of course.

But James Mann of CSIS (home of Anthony Cordesman, once a frequent namecheck here) speculates in the Washington Post (May 23). And mentions an article in the current Foreign Affairs - the piece happily online - by Sandy Berger, Clinton's Condi (his National Security Adviser, at least), covering much the same ground. So far, I've merely skimmed both.

The basic concern is whether one would exchange a neocon forward policy (to 'democratise' the Middle East at gunpoint, under a viceroy in Jerusalem) for a Wilsonian forward policy - impeccably multilateral, natch - to democratise the entire world at gunpoint.

As the neocons have discovered, a single implementation of such a policy may cause it to founder, with consequences as dire as its projected benefits were desirable. The fear is that a President Kerry, buoyed by his mandate and the rejoicing of all those foreign leaders, would find a suitable case for treatment and former Weasels would go along with the Kerry Krusade to prove their reliability to the new regime in the White House.

How much of the American 'tude would be lost under Kerry? Berger gives pause for thought in taking a tone - following a graf on Iraq - that I think Genghis Khan might have viewed as undiplomatic:
The irony is that the Bush administration's unilateralist approach has let our allies off the hook: it has given them an excuse to shirk these and other global responsibilities.

And Jacques says: Va te faire foutre...

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