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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Kerry and pre-emptive war

In yesterday's piece on the Kosovo war as the John the Baptist of the Iraq invasion (as Step 1 of PNAC's 12 Step Program for Middle East domination), I asked, What about Kerry?

He voted for resolutions supporting both wars - but maybe he's changed his mind on the topic of pre-emptive war (or preventative war, as some prefer).

The OnTheIssues page I mentioned has bad news (emphasis mine):

  • In the debate in Iowa on January 4 2004, one gets
    Q: Under what future conditions would you support a pre-emptive military strike against another nation without wide international approval?

    KERRY: Only when the US is so threatened that it is required for the survival of our country or for the accomplishment of some extraordinary humanitarian goal.

Uh oh! Crusade alert!
  • In a interview on June 17 2003:
    Q: Will you repeal Bush's pre-emptive war doctrine?

    A: I spoke out against it during the Senate's Iraq debate, stating that we should not be "giving Bush carte blanche to run roughshod over every country that poses - or may pose - a potential threat to the US." Bush's position is a blanket doctrine that can easily be misinterpreted and misapplied. As President, I will use force when it is necessary to defend core American values and interests against imminent threats.

Is that a flip-flop-flip?

Those are the only two occurrences of pre-emptive on the page. And already we have contradictions.

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