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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Kerry and homo-marriage - just like Lincoln and slavery...

Well, no analogy is perfect.

But, looking at the summary of Kerry's positions on the topic in yesterday's Note -
Kerry's record of voting against the Defense of Marriage Act (along with a handful of liberal Democrats and Daniel Moynihan); being in support of civil unions; being against the federal constitutional amendment; and now being passively in support of a Massachusetts constitutional amendment (after opposing one in the past) is the sort of the quintessential Kerry-style waffling (with some substance behind it) that the Bush campaign hopes to exploit when defining Kerry as an unacceptable, liberal flip flopper.
- put me in mind of the Patron of the Blog.

Lincoln before the Civil War was both anti-slavery and anti-abolitionist: the fanatics on either side, of course, found his position insipid and sought to vindicate their principles.

I dare say Kerry would be loathe to don the great man's mantle for all sorts of reasons - not least, the suspicion that large swathes of his own party would like to think that, in 1860, they would have been amongst the most rabid of abolitionists, telling Johnny Reb to bring them on.

(The fact Lincoln, too, was plug ugly might be a reason to avoid the comparison!)

Still, I offer it in a spirit of hands across the water just in case.

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