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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Is warmonger Perle getting protection from Hollinger RICO complaint?

Few deserve the orange jumpsuit more than the High Priest of World Domination, Richard Perle.

But, according to Chicago Business (May 11), Hollinger International Inc [1] has not filed a civil RICO complaint against Perle, on account of the $3.1 million in fees received by him, which are described as similar to those received by Conrad Black, who has been hit with such action.

Has any communication, direct or indirect, from USG or any party associated therewith, been made with those responsible for initiating litigation at HI with a view to dissuading them from commencing legal proceedings against Perle?

Does USG - for example, in the form of Federal tax liabilities - have any leverage over HI that would assist with any such approach?

Or perhaps Perle himself knows where so many Hollinger International bodies are buried, he doesn't need third parties to put horse's heads on pillows. (Knowledge that existing management have received as yet undisclosed benefits, for instance?)

  1. There are several Hollinger entities - I'm assuming the rag's got the right one here.

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