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Monday, May 24, 2004

Impact of the lead: dead-tree, HTML and digital edition

Several times, I've referred to a quote from Michael Massing's article on Judith Miller, et al and WMD (hey! Massing is very searchable...) to the effect that a WaPo - or perhaps it was a NYT - lead, top right-hand page A1 - was a memo to the White House.

But that only can apply in full measure to the dead-tree version of the paper, where the typography and layout can do its thing. Little impact on the HTML version: even if you go to the homepage, the lead is puny; and often, you'll go straight to the article page.

Jack Shafer has been looking at digital editions - or electronic editions, most recently on May 21. In an earlier piece, he examined the NYT and WaPo DEs and found them a pain in the ass.

The size of the monitor compared with that of the broadsheet format is a real killer; and you have to pay. Almost nobody does - around 3,000 for the Times.

So the impact of the lead question is moot so far.

But Shafer likes the Guardian's DE - no doubt, the geeks will iron out the wrinkles.

I'll let the question simmer till then...

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