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Thursday, May 06, 2004

How anonymous is anonymous?

While it comes back to me...

Listening to Joseph Wilson shilling on Al Franken's show on Tuesday, he mentioned the fact, before writing the New York Times article that started the whole outing business, he had been an anonymous source in an earlier article - where? no idea.

But, Wilson said, the way he was described would have indicated to those in the know who he was.

Bizarre, you might think, that, thus merely lightly veiled by anonymity, he should - in effect - reveal himself to those, in USG, who could do him harm, but hide his identity from the Great Unwashed, who, then, did not know him from a hole in the ground.

Did the journo know that Wilson was trying to send a message to the White House with his anonymous appearance in print? Was the exact formula agreed with this in mind?

Proverbially, anyone who says he has the answer to the Irish Question thereby proves he has not understood the question.

Media product is easily as inscrutable.

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