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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

House of Commons: terrorists can walk right in

Not quite a victory for Osama bin Laden; but it surely gave him a bloody great laugh.

In the Mother of Parliaments today, right in the Chamber of the House of Common, a nutter manages to throw a ball of purple powder at Tony Blair and hit him in the back with it.

Anthrax? Not this time. But, for all the security in the place, the bozo could easily have brought in all manner of WMD.

And, instead of doing the right thing - staying put and waiting for the substance to be checked out - the legislators made their way to the exits.

What, you are no doubt wondering, of that Henry V de nos jours, Saint Tony? Did he rally his men to order with a stirring speech, as his predecessor at Harfleur?

Did he buggery!
The prime minister appeared unsure of what was happening to him before he was ushered slowly, almost bemused, from the chamber.

Complete lack of moral fibre, as one might have expected.

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