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Friday, May 28, 2004

Hard news on the op-ed pages

A Stanford U page, Grade the News, picks up a piece in the San Jose Mercury News that has put noses out of joint: an
editorial, which apparently took news reporters and editors by surprise, [which] alleged that San Jose City Councilman Terry Gregory "appears to have violated numerous state and local ethics laws, possibly including soliciting a bribe."

It's like a nightmare version of the movie trope - I seem to remember a flick called War Games - where, in order to crash an evil android or computer counting down to inevitable doom, Our Hero presents it with some kind of paradox, that blows its circuits and saves humanity.

In the fantasy world of objective journalism, news and opinion are like matter and anti-matter. And now some bright spark at the Mercury has mixed the two - run for your lives!

The words deckchairs and Titanic spring to mind...

Looks like we overdid it with the metaphors...


Iconic British advertisement (1990s) for the Australian lager Castlemaine XXXX: sheep-shearers overseeing the loading of a pickup with cases of XXXX; a couple of bottles of (local) sherry added 'for the ladies'; back axle gives way.

Unperturbed, one shearer says to the other
Looks like we overdid it with the sherry.

(Ordinarily, I'd let those sufficiently interested to trace such matters via Mr Google: turns out, the sherry ad doesn't seem to be described online.)

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