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Monday, May 31, 2004

The Great Colorado Constitution Subversion Caper - again

On May 29, I outlined an initiative to be proposed to the good people of Colorado to change the basis on which the state's 9 electoral votes are to be allocated.

It's light relief - what in Britain is known as an And finally story [1].

I go back to Google News to see how the story has developed. It hasn't. Just the piece in Rocky Mountain News I'd come in on.

I notice in the RMN piece that
The Colorado initiative has been bankrolled, to the tune of $150,000, by something called The People's Choice for President, formed in San Francisco. This is another of these stealth groups that seek to fly under the public radar.

It seems to be succeeding. I can trace no site, or other online sign of its activities. Nor of
The People's Choice for President's campaign adviser, Rick Rudder, ...a Democratic activist who's worked for Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Ralph Nader, Gary Hart, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Howard Dean.

Does April Fool's Day come late that far west?

The initiative exists: in the list [2], it is #99: those named as promoting it are Parry Burnap and Mark Morland. Are these gentlemen real? Burnap, it seems, is one of the managers of Terrachord LLC [3]. Morland is a Councilman in Manitou Springs.

But I can't trace any website for the initiative. So what have they been spending that $150,000 on? Is it all too early for any activity?

My interest has been strangely piqued...

  1. The regular nightly news on commercial TV (ITV, ITN), News at Ten - from around the mid 1960s, from memory, would always end with a quirky, off-beat item: dogs being rescued by owners, owners being rescued by dogs, that sort of thing. The same show, after its sig tune, would have the anchor - newscaster (BBC news presenters didn't use the word) - read the headlines of the day between Big Ben sounding the hour. These were therefore known as the Bongs.

  2. On the Initiatives page of the Colorado Secretary of State's site. The text doesn't seem to be available on the site.

  3. Apparently,
    Terrachord is dedicated to accelerating the implementation of new generations of environmental solutions by industry, government, and citizens through productive alliances enabled by appropriate and effective application of information technology.
    I'm none the wiser. Burnap used to be with the State government, I think.

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