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Monday, May 03, 2004

Comstocks fear FCC censorship bill stuck in Senate

The Kyle's Moms of America (aka the Parents Television Council) are clearly having continence issues, to judge from this clarion call to badger Senators to get weaving with our old friend S 2056:
If the Senate doesn't vote on this the next few days, it will likely die.

I mentioned on April 25 that the bill had been placed on the Calendar on April 5, since when nada.

And, according to WaPo yesterday, no one should expect movement on their pet legislation any time soon:
...a breakdown in comity, the razor-thin GOP majority and expectations of a tight battle for Senate control in November have combined to produced one of the worst Senate stalemates in memory.

To recap briefly, the House equivalent of S 2056, HR 3717, is slimline and has already passed the House; S2056 is full of junk and, having been reported out, is struggling to get to the floor.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi would like to give us three rousing choruses of Happy Days Are Here Again? Perhaps not...

With all due reticence and humility, prepare to chalk one up for the good guys.

(Whilst on Smut Patrol: US Supreme Court opinions were issued today - SCOTUS Blog tells us - but not for Ashcroft v ACLU. That, I infer, leaves 30 argued cases for which opinions are outstanding.)

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