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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Commons 'WMD' attack: oh, for the Iron Lady!

The purple powder attack on the assembled members (some of which hit Tony Blair) I mentioned on May 19.

Happening on a BBC piece, I find myself wondering how Margaret Thatcher might have handled things. Blair, you'll recall, immediately shrank to his actual, insignificant dimensions: no autocue, no leadership!

Thatcher, I'm pretty sure, would have risen to the challenge: telling the flunkeys to lock the doors, against the spread of whatever lurgi it might have been; thundering to her fellow MPs to act like men!

Blair may be a titan when it comes to push-button warfare: but, when challenged to personal combat by a bag of flour, he shows the fighting spirit and organisational ability of an amoeba.

Put to the test, he was, if not, in Thatcher's well-known dialect word, frit, then, to use a phrase more typical of her late consort, an absolute shower.

In place of the Iron Lady, we have the Chocolate Soldier, melting...

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