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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Cecile DuBois - unspoilt by success

I pop in every couple of days and rarely do her distinctive stylings fail to elicit at least one LOL moment. (A blogospherical record, for me, at least.)

Just now, she's reporting on a visit from her grandparents -
My grandfather, a mathematics professor, and my grandmother, a retiring public accountant, have been married forty-three years. How did they do it? Well of course, love is a factor, but tolerance, patience, and sharing same values are also factors as well.

(There's also a puzzling incident with her little brother that I suspect is literally biologically impossible - I'm happy to shelter behind my own scientific ignorance, though.)

And she's had a vigorous exchange of views with her music teacher - starting with a dispute over the propriety of playing the Palestinian national anthem [1].

In the latest of these,
He compared me to Rush Limbaugh (who according to my Mom is bombastic) and said that since I have the wrong opinions and sources, I would lead an 'awful life'. I told him I read the LA Times, WSJ and NY Times and Honest Reporting, I had the right to make my own opinions. He said I was like a sheep and was not different from the rest. I said I was different compared to the school, and more politically conservative than my own parents. He thinks I hang with the wrong crowd. What crowd should I hang with? The hippies?

I think I detect a touch of EM Delafield's Provincial Lady. Stroppier, of course...

  1. An entry in a New Statesman competition for original oxymorons? Apparently not.

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